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The Greener Carpet Cleaner

For more than two decades, Chem-Dry has been cleaning with a safe and
non-toxic solution that uses approximately one-fifth the water of steam cleaners. Our process is copied from Mother Nature to refresh and deep clean your home’s carpets without harsh chemicals.

All of the ingredients of The Natural®, our proprietary cleaning solution, are on the FDA’s* G.R.A.S.* list. You would not add soaps, detergents, phosphates or other harsh chemicals to our air, lakes, streams or forests; so why add them to your carpet?

Our dedication to being green is more than just words. In fact, we use one-fifth the amount of water during our cleaning process compared to steam cleaners. And, our powerful, proprietary extraction equipment ensures that carpets are dry in just 1-2 hours. Less water in your carpets means a healthier home for your family and leaves more water in our reservoirs.

Our Service Professionals Make The Difference!

When it comes to cleaning carpets and upholstery, you need someone with experience you can trust–a company with a tradition of quality cleaning and a reputation for innovation. You need Chem-Dry.


    You can trust Chem-Dry for:

  • Guaranteed workmanship–if spots come back, so do we.
  • Ethical pricing with no hidden charges.
  • Insured Service
  • Hometown Care
  • Professional Conduct
  • Reliability & Stability–We’re here today, and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.


    Chem-Dry has a track record of:

  • Cleaning 1 billion square feet of carpet each year.
  • Removing approximately 360,000 spots each day.
  • Ranking as the world’s largest carpet cleaning company.
  • Offering service through 4,000 outlets worldwide.
  • Supporting a global network of over 10,000 trained technicians.


    Our cleaning technicians receive:

  • Rigorous Training
  • Stringent quality control guidelines.
  • The finest products available


Chem-Dry leads the industry with:

  • Environmentally conscious products–safe for you and your carpet.
  • On-going research and development.
  • Numerous patents and patents pending..

Professional technicians with expert training.

Your carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning is only as good as your service provider. Even the best cleaning process can be ruined by a poorly trained or lazy cleaner.

While others provide laborers or janitors, only Chem-Dry of Colorado provides carefully screened and selected, trustworthy professional technicians who have received a level of training that is unmatched in the cleaning industry.

Our professionals have spent many months – not a few days or weeks – in training before being entrusted to perform services in your home. Our professional are then well equipped to identify, evaluate, meet, and exceed all of your carpet, upholstery, and leather cleaning needs.


Only then can we deliver the “WOW!” that can only be provided by the combination of highly trained, exceptional skilled professional technician and a cleaning method that provides The Cleanest Clean, The Driest Dry, and The Safest Process.

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